These by-laws are established to implement provisions of the constitution of the Upstate PathFinders. Copies of the by-laws shall be made available to all active members of the club and governing agencies having a need to know.


Membership in the UpState PathFinders shall be for all interested persons who pay dues. Membership is automatic upon payment of dues.


The UpState PathFinders are required to pay annual dues to club’s Secretary/Treasurer. UpState PathFinders’ membership dues are established as Family – $15, Individual – $10. Dues are paid annually. If joining the club after January 1st, new members will pay half yearly dues. All renewals will fall due on July 1st.


The officers shall perform the duties prescribed by these by-laws and by Robert’s Rules of Order, 10th Edition (2000). The individual must be at least 18 years of age. A nominating committee shall be appointed to:

  • Solicit and receive nominations for elected office.
  • Verify eligibility and prepare a slate of candidates.
  • Provide absentee ballots to the active membership on request.

Elections shall be held at the November Business Meeting, the first week in November. Those elected will assume office at the December Business Meeting. In the event of a vacancy in the office of the President, the Vice President will succeed to the office of the President for the balance of the unexpired term. Any other elected officer—The Board of Directors shall appoint a replacement to complete the term. Officers may serve an indefinite number of terms. Each term of office will run a full twelve (12) months.
Any act, not otherwise specified in the constitution, made by any elected or appointed club official or member of the Board of Directors may be challenged, or an official may be recalled, by requesting a Special Membership Meeting.

The duties and responsibilities of club officials shall be as follows

Section 1: The President shall:

  • Be the senior officer responsible for the conduct of all club business.
  • Preside over the General Membership, the Special Membership, and the Board of Directors Meetings.
  • Call special meetings of the UpState PathFinders, and the Officers, when necessary.
  • Appoint special committees with the advice and approval of the membership.
  • Represent the club as the senior elected official at all appropriate gatherings and occasions.
  • Authorize all proposed expenditures of club hinds after consulting with the Treasurer and receiving approval of the Board of Directors for any expenditure which exceeds $300.00.
  • Approve all financial statements and minutes of meetings.
  • Submit insurance request, and event sanction request, to AVA for all UpState PathFinders Volkssport events.
  • Establish and dissolve ad hoc committees.

The Vice President shall:

  • Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence and succeed to the office of the President for the balance of the unexpired term in the event it is vacated.
  • Perform such duties as are prescribed by the President and the Officers.
  • Create and maintain a rolling calendar of events for the next twelve (12) months.
  • Review and maintain the Club’s copy of the AVA Procedure Manual.
  • Manage flow of administrated duties for Year-Round Events (quarterly and annual reports to AVA, sanction request, insurance request).
  • Serve as a member of appropriate ad hoc committees.
  • Assist the president in managing club business at the discretion of the president.

The Secretary shall:

  • Record and maintain minutes of all meetings of the membership and Board of Directors.
  • Maintain a permanent file of the character/articles, constitution, bylaws, special rules of order, standing rules and minutes, together with amendments thereto..
  • Maintain historical files of activities, accomplishments and events in which the club is involved.
  • Conduct the general correspondence of the organization which is not the function of other officers or of committees.
  • Serve as a member of the Publicity Committee.

The Treasurer shall:

  • Have custody of the funds of the organization, receiving all funds as acquired, and distribute club funds upon receipt of authorized bills or special authorizations.   Tow signatures shall be required for all disbursements.
  • Prepare an annual financial statement as of the fiscal year and summary statements for the regularly scheduled meetings.
  • Advise the president of the adequacy of club funds to meet club obligations.
  • Monitor club funds and assets operated by committees.
  • Record and maintain central records of all club assets and liabilities in concert with the salaried accountant.
  • Enroll and renew members in the club, collect dues, and maintain club membership records.

The Board of Directors shall:

  • Monitor all club activities.
  • Appoint and dismiss standing committee chairpersons.
  • Establish and enforce club policies.
  • Approve all proposals to expend club finds which exceed $300.00.
  • Approve all agreements or contracts that the club may desire to enter into.

The Directors-at-Large shall represent the interests of all active club members in actions of the Board of Directors. A Director-at-Large shall be appointed by the President to serve as a member of the Awards and Achievements Committee, the Volkssport Committee, and the Special Activities Committee.


General guidance for committees shall include:

  • Each standing committee shall establish written procedures for its operation.
  • Each standing committee shall submit recommended changes to operational procedures to the Board of Directors for review and approval.
  • Each committee responsible for handling club assets (money, supplies, awards, etc.) shall maintain a running inventory of assets on hand and provide a statement of assets distributed to the Treasurer on a regular basis.

The Publicity Committee shall solicit, receive, and prepare news for the club newsletter, write publicity for distribution to the media, and prepare other informational and recruiting materials as necessary.
The Awards and Achievements Committee shall manage the club’s personal achievement program, work with volkssport event chairpersons to obtain awards and supervise their distribution.
The Services and Properties Committee shall maintain and operate a volkssport items outlet for sales and manage the properties of the club. This committee shall comply with the inventory and asset control requirements stated above.
The Volkssport Committee shall:

  • Propose a club sponsored event/s schedule each year for presentation to the Board of Directors and membership for their approval.
  • Canvas the membership for chairpersons to manage each proposed scheduled event.
  • Keep the membership informed of scheduled volkssport events,

The Special Activities Committee shall manage internal club activities and special activities as directed by the Board of Directors.


A quorum shall consist of:

  • For a General Membership Meeting: At least four members of the Board of Directors, to include the president or vice president, and at least one more active member than the total number of officers present.
  • For a Special Membership Meeting: At least four members of the Board of Directors, to include the president or vice president, and twenty other active members.
  • For a Board of Directors Meeting: At least five members of the board, to include the president or vice president.

A simple majority vote of the active members present shall decide motions during all meetings unless otherwise specified in the constitution or by-laws. The president shall cast the deciding vote in case of a tie.
A Special Membership Meeting shall be held at the request of at least four members of the Board of Directors or when a petition is signed by at least twenty-five (25) active members. In both instances, the reason for the meeting must be stated.

The date for General Membership Meetings and Special Membership Meetings shall be announced at least two weeks in advance.

General Membership Meetings will be announced in the club newsletter.

Special Membership Meetings shall be announced in the club newsletter, time permitting, or by mail to all active members to arrive at least two weeks prior to the meeting date. Notification must include the reason for the meeting.

Approved on April 22, 2011 by the active membership